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Jessy's goin down to Georgia...

July looks like a busy month for me. I've got the 4th of July... Well, so does everyone in America... But whatever... Then Nick's birthday party... Then a day trip to Rockport with all the girlies from work... Then I'm going to Georgia to visit a friend... Then Jenn's having a clothing/shoe swap party. I'm hoping to squeeze in a photoshoot for "Asylum"'s cover in between all this madness.

Also... Season 6 of Doctor Who is PHENOMENAL so far. Matt Smith does a fantastic job as the Doctor... And the writers have outdone themselves over and over. Each episode is like a movie. It's great.

What else is on my mind, you ask?

Well, I'm debating on what color to do my nails tonight.

Also, I'm wondering where the hell LeeAnn has gone off to. She was supposed to be back shortly after 3... It's 5 past 4. I also realized that she never checked the messages on the machine this morning. Fabulous. Not. UGH! She's so aggravating it's not even funny.
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