Author J.H. Merchant (cyanide_sparkle) wrote,
Author J.H. Merchant

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground...

...You try this trick, and spin it, yeah, your head will collapse, 'cause there's nothing in it so you ask yourself; "Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind?"...

So Nick brought me and his friend Lana to see "Insidious" the other day... It was terrible. It wasn't even scary. It was just... Awful. So... No one waste their money on it, ok?

I finally bought the strait jacket I'm going to use for the photoshoot for the cover of "Asylum". Emilia is going to model it, my dad's going to photograph it, and Lindsay is going to do makeup, and the graphic design work. W00t w00t! I'm pretty psyched. As soon as I get the jacket in the mail I'm going to set up the shoot!! ^_^

I have to really work at editing this week/weekend.

In other news:

Today I have been told I look like Cleopatra, Abby from NCIS, and Katy Perry. All good compliments, I think! I guess I should stick with having bangs. Everyone seems to like them. And it's so much less annoying than what I had before because I don't have to constantly move hair out of my eyes.

Also, I'm aggravated at 2 of my co-workers. Instead of going into excruciating detail, let's just say that I do a LOT of their work for them... And it pisses me off because when I need help with something, neither one of them offers. For example; If Monica's busy and her phone rings, I will pick it up. If I am busy and my phone rings, she won't even acknowledge it and I end up having to put the caller on hold.

Also also... I hate having all these emotions I can't sort out. And I've got a LOT of them at the moment. Oi vey.
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