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Close your eyes, relax, and float upstream...

I've been listening to the Sucker Punch soundtrack like non-stop lately. It's really good. Very trippy, too.

So my dad is upset with me because I introduced Nick to my mom and not him yet. I feel really bad about it, but the past is past... Time to move on to the future. And in the future, I'd like my family to feel NOT upset with me. Heh. Gotta try my best to make that happen! I wrote my dad an e-mail saying I was sorry for hurting his feelings and whatnot. I hope that helps. I hate having anyone mad at me, or feeling hurt by me. I try to be the best person I can be... But sometimes I fail I guess.


So Friday night, Nick and I went to Middleboro and visited a couple of his friends. They were very nice. We hung out in this shed behind this guy Chris' house. His girlfriend, Maggie, was really cool. We stayed until like 2am, then headed back to Nick's house. I stayed overnight, and Nick was a perfect gentlman. He respects me. It's really a nice change of pace.

In the morning, Nick made me breakfast, and then we went to the Aquarium where we got to pet stingrays. They're soft! Lol. We got our picture taken together, and he bought me a stuffed turtle. I <3 turtles!

We went back to his house after and watched "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Let the Right One In". Both really good movies. He even cooked me dinner.

And the next morning we went to visit my mom. He lives in Lunenburg, so Turner's Falls is closer to him than to me. Mom gave me a bunch of birthday presents (Although my birthday was 2 months ago)... And we had homemade pizza, garlic bread, and ice cream. I prefer ice cream to cake any day of the week. But ice cream cake is awesome.

And UGH... Flat soda this morning. BLECH! Sorry. Had to say it.

So ya... The weekend was great. :)
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