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Someone gotta save my soul...

Workin the night shift again. How dull. And I've got this corset on that's killing my ribs when I sit. At least it's not killing me literally.

Yesterday I actually said, "I need to learn how to shoot a gun... In case the zombie apocolypse comes." Yes, it rhymes. Yes, it's lame. But that's how I roll. In a big rolling roll of lameness.

Nick brought me to pick up my bridesmaid's dress yesterday. It's so pretty. It actually looks semi-like the dress I want for my wedding someday. Yes, I do think about these things. Most girls do. I also know I want Abishai to be the ring bearer... Lol. I'm sure he'll be ring bearer age still by the time I get married. Unless I end up a bitter old hag at the age of 30... But I've still got hope.

I've even thought about the engagement ring I want. Me and Sarah used to send each other pictures of what we would like for an engagement ring. Lol. Most of them were from Tiffany's and wayyyyy out of any forseeable price range for the people we were dating at the time, but whatever. I like the round stones with a circle of little stones around it. I also like the square ones with little stones around it, too. I guess I just like things to be framed? I dunno.

Courtney's dress for her wedding is gorgeous. She's wearing gold while the rest of us are wearing white with gold accents. It's a backwards wedding, but it's cool. She's still going to stand out quite obviously in her gold. As she should, since it'll be her big day!

She couldn't have found a better guy, either, honestly. Justin is a great guy. Much better than Eric was. I mean they have little nothing fights, but it's all over once Courtney smiles... Justin just forgives her for doing things like stealing food off his plate and whatnot. Haha. It's cute. They're cute together.

Ah, and Brooke and Chris have a ton of money saved up for THEIR wedding as well. I think they are another example of a cute couple. He used to send Brooke flowers every month, to work, on their anniversary. It was adorable. I wouldn't expect anyone to do that for me... Flowers are way too expensive to do that once a month!

Speaking of flowers, the flowers Nick gave me are finally on their way out. So sad. They were really pretty. And PURPLEY! I think I'm gonna dry one of the carnations out and keep it.

And speaking of Nick, he's taking me to see "Source Code" on Saturday. Yes... We've been doing a lot of movies... But I really like going to the movie theater. And Shitface never went with me. I think we saw a total of 3 movies in theaters together. "The Breakup" (Bad movie to see on a date), "Borat" (Worse movie to see on a date), and "The Da Vinci Code" (I loved it, he hated it). So... Boo to Shitface, and viva la Nick! Lol.


Sarah Rees Brennan wrote a FANTASTIC book called "Demon's Lexicon". The sequel, "The Demon's Covenant" was similarly fantastic. Now she's going to be releasing "The Demon's Surrender" in June!! I recommend this series to anyone who like Holly Black, Melissa Marr, and Joss Whedon. Sarah's writing is intruiging, funny, witty, and un-put-down-able. Yes. I made up yet another word.

I don't even care if I win this contest... I just think everyone should read her books! :D
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