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Happy St. Patty's!

So I won't be celebrating with green beer and a crazy shamrock hat this year. But I had my boiled dinner for lunch, and I'll be having it again for dinner. Woo!

Tonight I'll just be going home and cleaning and working out and then relaxing to season 7 of BtVS.

I'm having a panic attack... First one in a month or so. I took a Klonopin, but it's not helping. It's not even making me sleepy. I really shouldn't drink coffee. It not only hurts my stomach, but it gives me panic attacks.

OH... Duh, update on ASYLUM:

1. I will be buying a straitjacket for my friend Emilia to model for the cover of the book.

2. I will be self publishing through That way I will be able to keep 70% of my sales instead of going through the normal way of getting an agent and a publishing house and only getting like... 40% of my sales.

I may not make it big, but people will be able to read my book, and that is what will make me happy.

3. With Amazon Kindle doing so well, I'll also be putting the book up electronically. That way I'll have a more broad audience.

4. With the money from my sales, I'll be putting up a website to advertise ASYLUM and my upcoming books.


I also plan to have a release party sometime soon... Just not at my place because I can't fit more than 4 people in the Hobbit Hole. Lol.
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